"The Axis of Breathing"   2008     52 x 43 x 43 cm
used book (First Time Farmer's Guide),  thread, cloth, dry flower, garlic stem, bamboo, glass wine bottle, water

"The Axis of Seeing"    2008                   50 x 32 x 32 cm
used book (Mastering English),  cardboard, next, garlic stem,  bamboo, cloth pin, glass wine bottle, water

Bitter Sea

"Bitter Sea - an installation"   2007
31 x 272 x 272 cm, cotton cloth, thread, wire, plastic garbage bag,  water, glass wine bottle
"Open Sesame - detail"    2006
"Open Sesame"  An installation at Southern Alberta Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta,  2006

"Open Sesame"    2006
180 38 x 28 cm, toothpick, dye, thread, sesame seed

From A to Z"

"From A  to Z - detail"   2006
"From A to Z"   2006
175 x 645 x 213 cm, thread, nail


"Self-Portrait on the Branch of a Pear Tree"  2010
wool, acrylic paint, twig of pear
"Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man"    2006
170 x 84 x 23 cm, dogwood, wire, button, linen string