"Shangri-la" 2010  
Installation by volunteers, at Musée d'art de joliette, Joliette, Québec.
"Shangri-la" 2010
This installation was  at Musée d'art de joliette, Joliette, Québec.
It then travel to Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Sk. and at the Cambridge Art Gallery, Cambridge, On.
"Shangri-la" 2010    244 x 304 x 8 cm.  dry grass, glass bead
This installation was in the exhibition, " Kai Chan - A Spider's Logic "
at the Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto.
"Shangri-La" 2010   244 x 854 x 8 cm
This work was first installed for Trompe-L'oeil au cube
Biennale Ntionale de sculpture contemporaine Trois-Riviéres, Québec.
"Shangri-la. detail"
dry grass, glass bead

Je t'aime ( I Love You )

"Je t'aime" 2015
"Je t'aime"
"Je t'aime"  An installation at Vieux Presbytére de Deschambault, Quebéc.
at Biennale Internationale du Lin de Prtneuf.
Layout in the space.

"Je t'aime"   Layout of lettering, blue indicates cotton thread, orange white linen thread
"Je t'aime "      detail on floor  
"Je t'aime"     Ceiling details
"Je t'aime".   268 x 705 x 120cm,  cotton and linen threads, masking tape

Just Glad to See you

"Just Glad to See You - Detail 1"
"Just Glad to See You - Detail 2"
Note: the colour of each thread is correspond to the colour of the pixel.

"Just Glad to See You - Detail 3"
Note: Most of the objects were donated by visitors
"Just Glad to See You"
"Just Glad to See You"

Starry Night

"Starry Night".   61 x  69 x 8 cm. cotton thread on canvas

This work is inspired by Van Gogh's painting of the same title.  In 2013 I developed an installation based in this image of spiral light pattern,   and were installed on the floor at Glenhyrsrt Gallery in Brantford, Ontario. Later on I pushed the situation into a contemporary mode, punchhing holes into newspapers to tell the story of our night sky. This version was installed  at Diagonale in Montréal,  Québec in 2015.
Please see the images below

"Starry Night, detail 1".   

"Starry Night  Detail 2"

"Starry Night  Detail 3"

Starry Night

"Starry Night - Detail"
"Starry Night - Detail"
"Starry Night" An installation with newspaper, thread and masking tape
"Starry Night-details"
"Starry Night" A view from outer edge
"Starry Night" A view of the structure