Jewellery Part I

Bracelet   1984    palm leaf,  thread, acrylic paint
Necklace   1984     rattan, dye
Necklace  1981    cinnamon stick, cotton string

Necklace 1981    cinnamon stick, dogwood, elastic band
Necklace   1985    rattan, eucalyptus, dye, wax
Necklace   1985   rattan, bamboo, dye, acrylic paint
Necklace   1984    bamboo, thread, dye, wax
Necklace    1985   styrofoam,  acrylic paint, elastic
Necklace    1985    styrofoam, acrylic paint, elastic
Necklace   1985    styrofoam, acrylic paint, elastic

Necklace   1985    rattan, wood, dye, wax

                                           Bracelet   1984     palm leaf,  thread, acrylic paint


                                                    Necklace 1981   dogwood, cinnamon stick, cotton string

Necklace   1983    bamboo, string


"Face 1"  2002    tulle, thread

"Mask"  2001    acrylic paint on canvas
"Elena"     2012
120 x 104 x  7 cm,    skin of twigs inserted into wall

"Masks"  2001    acrylic paint on canvas
"Portrait - river Arlene Mountain"     2013
104 x 145 x 2,5 cm.   found buttons, pins

"Portrait - Inside"    2015
80 x 30 x 22 cm.   mixed wires
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"Portrait - What!"   2016
50 x 21 x 17 cm.   mixed wires

"Mask"      2001     acrylic paint on canvas

"Mask"     2001     acrylic paint on canvas

"Masks"      2001     acrylic paint on canvas

"Mask"     2001    acrylic paint on canvas
"Mask" Acrylic paint on canvas    2001


"Naked - detail"  photocopy, cotton thread embroidery on cotton, ink drawing on gampi paper

"Naked - detail"     photocopy cutout on dyed cotton

"Naked"     2017.      421 x 34 x 4 cm
cotton cloth, Japanese gampi paper, balsa wood, forsythia, cotton thread, porcupine needle, photocopies, string
Layout of figures are based on a composite photography on members of Red Cap Snowshoe Club by William Notman.
Nude figures are photocopy of Michaelangelo's "The Last Judgment" 
"Naked - Detail"    embroidery on cotton

"Naked - detail"

"Naked - detail"     porcupine needles on cotton cloth

"Naked - Detail at left end"    photocopy with thread stitches