Cooking For Life

"Cooking for Life"   2014
23 x 25 x 11cm, found book and cup, thread

"Figures"    1998
210 x 105 x 61 cm, dogwood, mixed thread
"In the Bathtub"   2001
104 x 340 x 46 cm, dogwood, bamboo paint key, cinnamon stick, garlic stem,
almond, crab apple, waster, sand cherry, maple, mock orange, oil paint, found wood
"Mountains and Waters"    2001
180 x 91 x 45 cm, bamboo, dogwood, oil paint, found wood
"In Two Oceans"    2001
18 x 215 x 17 cm, bamboo, wire, oil paint
"Family Members"   2002
127 x 267 x 1,3 cm, buttons, nails

"Buddha's Eyes - an installation at Harbourfront, Toronto"   2002
88 x 260 x 1 cm,  buttons, nails    
"Buddha's Eyes - detail"
"Where Stars Hide"  2002
28 x 38 x 4 cm, toothpick, watercolour, thread, nail
"Where Are the Stars Hiding"   2002
23 x 39 x 4cm, toothpick, watercolour, thread, nail
"Hidden"     2002
23 x 39 x 4 cm, toothpick watercolour, thread, nail

Anatomy of a Penis in the Shape of a Picasso's Tree

"Anatomy of a Penis in the Shape of a Picasso's Tree"   2001
46 x 24 x 15 cm, plastic net, copper wire, dried lime, plastic tooth brush, red dogwood,
styrofoam, lobster shell, glass bottle, egg shell, cotton thread, plastic flower, cotton thread, sea shell,
gourd, garlic stem, glass bead, cinnamon, water, masking tape, telephone wire, tulle, silk flower petal, sponge, rambutan, tangerine skin, pin, bird's feather, paper
"Anatomy of a Penis in the Shape of a Picasso's Tree - detail"