Rabbit Tales, 1985 191 x 71 x 460 cm. Dogwood, mixed thread, wood

This work is made up of four parts, designed to be shipped to Lausanne, Switzerland for the
12th Biennial of Tapestry in 1985
"Rabbit Tales- detail"
"Rabbit Tales -details"
"Rabbit Tales - detail" around 1990 in a natural exposure
"Rabbit Tales - Details, about 1995 in an outdoor  environment"
"Rabbit Tales "   Around 1990
"Rabbit Tales"   around 1990
"Rabbit Tales -details"   around 1990
"Rabbit Tales, detail"     around 1995
"Rabbit Tales  -detail"    around 2000
"Rabbit Tales, detail"    Around 2002
"Rabbit Tales, detail"    around 2000
"Rabbit Tales, detail"    around 20002
"Rabbit Tales"    around 2002
"Rabbit Tales, detail"  around 2005
"Rabbit Tales"   around 2005
"Rabbit Tales" sound 2005
"Rabbit Tales" around 2005
"Rabbit Tales, detail"   around 2005
"Rabbit Tales, detail"    around 2006
"Rabbit Tales, detail"  around 2007, back to nature.

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