"Naked - detail"  photocopy, cotton thread embroidery on cotton, ink drawing on gampi paper

"Naked - detail"     photocopy cutout on dyed cotton

"Naked"     2017.      421 x 34 x 4 cm
cotton cloth, Japanese gampi paper, balsa wood, forsythia, cotton thread, porcupine needle, photocopies, string
Layout of figures are based on a composite photography on members of Red Cap Snowshoe Club by William Notman.
Nude figures are photocopy of Michaelangelo's "The Last Judgment" 
"Naked - Detail"    embroidery on cotton

"Naked - detail"

"Naked - detail"     porcupine needles on cotton cloth

"Naked - Detail at left end"    photocopy with thread stitches 

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